Monday, March 25, 2019*

Dollie KellyWendy Dunham 100x1251:00-2:00 pm | OPTIONAL:  New Security Officer Training | Allegheny AB
Dollie Kelly, C&F Bank & Wendy Dunham, Access National Bank
Bank Security Officers are responsible for supervising the security program, annual reporting to the Board of Directors and the safety and protection of the bank’s employees. This section is geared to teach New Security Officers the expectations of the Bank Protection Act as well as how to assess your bank and the equipment within each branch. In addition, we’ll cover what’s expected when reporting to the Board and tips on how to be successful in the role.

Terry Choate Joe Hileman2:00-5:00 pm | OPTIONAL: Surviving the Life or Death Gap Advanced – Putting the Established Foundation to Work | Tidewater Room
Terry Choate and Joseph Hileman, Blue-U Defense
This course is designed to build on the foundations that were established in Surviving the Life or Death Gap (Ultra Aware; Ultra Vigilant; All of the time) by bringing more of the physical elements that might be necessary should we ever find ourselves the victim of a sudden, unplanned incident of violence where our efforts to prevent have not worked. We have solidified and mastered the mental aspects of surviving such an incident, now how do we take advantage of our mastering of the mental aspects and put it to work if or when reality strikes? This course includes a short time spent on re-establishing the foundation and believing that it can happen; the physical survival aspects of classrooms/offices; hallways; and common areas; what a threat is likely to do and how to determine this in advance; physical tactics – how to properly barricade a room, prepare to fight, and win if these efforts are to fail; physical site security, and how to see it far differently than you have in the past – and why it’s critical that you do; and more.

5:00-6:00 pm | Welcome Regi-ception | Colony ABCD
Sponsored by:  Verint

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019*

7:30-8:30 am | Registration & Continental Breakfast with the Exhibitors | Colony ABCD

8:30-8:55 am | Welcome & Announcements | Tidewater Room

8:55-9:25 am | Industry Update | Tidewater Room
Bruce Whitehurst, Virginia Bankers Association

Dave Defazio9:25-10:25 am | OPENING KEYNOTE:  The Robots are Coming | Tidewater Room
Dave Defazio, StrategyCorps
Online and robo banks like Simple, Digit, Penny and more are developing unordinary ways to serve customers’ financial needs best. Finance apps are being easily integrated with other everyday apps, making transactions and savings easier than ever. While Venmo is becoming the standard for how Millennials and more and more people think about social payments.

We’ll demo the latest advances in financial advice, helping you discover the competition and what’s working best with today’s customers.

10:25-10:45 am | Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall | Colony ABCD

10:45 am-11:45 pm | Breakout Session #1, choose one:

  • Current Fraud Trends | Allegheny AB
    Wendy Dunham, Access National Bank
    The fraudsters are always one step ahead of us. This session will discuss the current fraud trends seen in the financial industry and what we can do to prevent our banks and customers from becoming victims.  The session will include interactive discussion with the attendees.
  • Incident Readiness | Allegheny C
    Kevin Strickland, Secureworks
    As a security analyst it is often difficult to determine what data may or may not be needed during an investigation. Often times when you need the data it is after an incident has occurred and is not available. This presentation will cover data sources required from a security analyst or incident responder when an incident occurs. These requirements are based on several years of experience responding to security incidents globally.
  • Regulatory Panel Discussion | Patriot Room
    Moderated by:  Matt Bruning, Virginia Bankers Association
    Confirmed Panelists: Scott Daugherty, Compliance Alliance; Steve Houchens, Thomas Compliance Associates; Nicole Booth, Elliott Davis
  • Operations Roundtable Discussion** | Liberty Room
    Moderated by:  Lynne Clary, Citizens Bank & Trust

11:45 am-12:50 pm | Lunch | Colony E

12:50-1:50 pm | Breakout Session #2, choose one:

  • Human Trafficking and the Intersection with Financial Institutions | Allegheny AB
    Bill Woolf, JustAsk Prevention Project with Josh Brown, The Fauquier Bank
    The exploitation of people for profit has been an ongoing and increasing area of concern for both local and federal law enforcement. An issue which has historically been overlooked by law enforcement, has grabbed international attention as investigations have revealed the exponential rate at which it is growing – now the second largest criminal enterprise in the world. This presentation will seek to enlighten professionals within financial institutions on the realities of human trafficking, how it intersects with financial institutions, and will begin discussing warning signs that a human traffickers is using your institution to launder money.
  • The Emerging Payments Landscape | Allegheny C
    Dan Heimann, Shazam
    Evolving and emerging technologies like EMV, P2P and voice payments mean the competitive landscape is shifting and businesses of all sizes need to stay informed about the changing payments landscape. To remain relevant and competitive, you need to understand today’s payment trends and consider how to meet the demands of modern commerce. Explore the benefits of new technologies, the challenges they present and how increased options on payment networks could mean higher profitability for your institution.
  • Fair Lending | Liberty Room
    Margaret Dolinger, Thomas Compliance Associates
    Fair Lending discussion topics on the radar of the regulators that included REMA, marketing, key data fields of HMDA,  credit scoring models and debt collection.
  • Enterprise Risk Management Roundtable Discussion** | Patriot Room
    Moderated by: Tracy Pastella, Chesapeake Bank

1:50-2:10 pm | Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall | Colony ABCD

2:10-3:10 | Breakout Session #3, choose one:

  • Bank Robbery Prevention | Allegheny AB
    Deputy Jim McLaughlin, Hanover County Sheriff’s Office
    Deputy Jim McLaughlin, from the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office and Security Officer, Dollie Marshall Kelly from C&F Bank team up to bring you real examples and proven methods to educate your teams and keep your employees out of harms way. Humans are the most valuable asset.  Goals of this session are:
    – Prevent a robbery
    – Deter an incident
    – Maintain your safety during an incident
    – Assist police in the prosecution of the suspect before, during, and after an incident
    – Present best practices to the above such as keys to prevention, suspicious activity (what it is and how to react), Strategies, Do’s and Don’ts if a robbery occurs.
    – After a Robbery
  • Data Protection in the Community Bank | Patriot Room
    Mike Ford & Mark Lohman, NetBankAudit
    We will explore the environmental and regulatory drivers behind the need for data protection in the community bank. We will also discuss the recent changes to state laws and international moves towards data protection requirements and how those will impact the community banking environment going forward. Finally, we will offer advice on some concrete steps that every community bank should take towards more secure data at their institution.
  • Compliance Part 1: BSA/AML Hot Spots | Liberty Room
    Patti Blenden, Financial Solutions Inc.
  • Technology Roundtable Discussion** | Allegheny C
    Moderated by:  Jose Castillo, John Marshall Bank

3:10-3:30 pm | Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall | Colony ABCD

3:30-4:30 pm | Breakout Session #4, choose one:

  • Top Examination Trends Related to Cyber | Patriot Room
    Will Nowik, Wolf & Company, P.C.
    There has been a lot of Examination activity related to cyber since the FDIC began the roll out their InTREx risk-based IT exam approach and the OCC made enhancements to the cybersecurity assessment tool used in the IT exam process. Join us as we share with attendees the top trends we see in examinations related to cybersecurity programs. You’ll be better informed as to how to ensure you meet the regulatory requirements and most importantly, maintain customer trust.
  • Why We Love IT Committees (but hate the name) – How to Get the Most Out of Your Committee | Allegheny C
    Tom Hinkel, Safe Systems
    This session will cover the following:
    – Regulatory Mandate
    – Committee Participants
    – The ISO
    – IT Committee Quarterback
    – Strategic Plans & Planning
    – The Control Self-Assessment
    – The Committee Agenda/outline
  • Compliance Part 2: Managing a Compliant E-Signature Program | Liberty Room
    Patti Blenden, Financial Solutions Inc.
  • Security Roundtable Discussion** | Allegheny AB
    Moderated by: Dollie Kelly, C&F Bank

4:30-5:30 pm | SPARK! Presentations | Tidewater Room

5:30-6:30 pm | Networking Reception with the Exhibitors | Colony ABCD
Sponsored by:  Gaston Security, a division of ADT LLC  

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Wednesday March 27, 2018*

7:00-8:00 am | Continental Breakfast with the Exhibitors | Colony ABCD

8:00-9:00 am | Breakout Sessions #5, choose one:

  • How Do Hackers Hack: Methods Used Against Your Bank | Allegheny AB
    Steve Stasiukonis, Secure Network Technologies
    You hear the term often, yet most people don’t understand what truly happens when a hacker breaches their infrastructure. This program explains the various ways Hackers, “Hack”. This program is designed to be an easy to understand explanation of the technical and non-technical methods used by hackers, and what you need to do to protect yourself and your bank. The program explains methods used to breach:
     – Hacking the Bank Internet Perimeter
    – Hacking Bank Internal Network
    – Hacking the Bank Wireless Network
    – Hacking the Bank Phone Systems (VoIP and Analog)
    – Hacking Bank Web & Cloud Applications
    – Hacking Bank Mobile Applications
    – Hacking the Bank using Social Engineering Techniques
  • Secrets Revealed: 10 Things Your Core IT Provider Won’t Tell You | Allegheny C
    Aaron Silva, Paladin fs
    When it comes to negotiating and renewing these multi-million dollar relationships once every five to seven years, community banks are at a distinct disadvantage negotiating against their Core and IT service providers – bankers have to know what to demand in advance. Suppliers protect these secrets within a team of highly skilled negotiators, contract writers and lawyers who negotiate hundreds of contracts each year with different institutions – never sharing with you what they negotiated differently with any other institution nationwide. To make matters worse these core vendors have formed a market oligopoly, controlling 93 percent of the industry, effectively blocking community institutions from the chance to receive a fair deal through any lack of formidable competition.
  • Compliance Roundtable Discussion** | Liberty Room
    Moderated by: Kathy Lifsey, Bank of the James

9:00-9:20 am | Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall | Colony ABCD

Sharon Cook9:20-10:50 am | Industry Challenge Session: Cyber Incident Response Planning and Management | Tidewater Room
Facilitated by: Sharon Cook, FHLBank Atlanta

10:50-11:10 am | Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall | Colony ABCD

11:10-11:25 am | Sponsor Drawings | Tidewater Room

Steve Stasiukonis 2017 photo11:25 am-12:25 pm | CLOSING KEYNOTE:  Digital Deception and Analog Actors… How to Prevent Social Engineering in Your Bank | Tidewater Room
Steve Stasiukonis, Secure Network Technologies
Social Engineering is a method of leveraging People, Processes and Technologies for the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.  This program will explain the numerous ways Social Engineering has been used in Financial Institutions to defeat security as well as gain access to confidential and privileged information. The session will explain various Social Engineering scenarios that you should be aware of as well as how to combat them.

12:25 pm | Conference Adjourns

*Agenda is subject to change.
**Roundtable sessions are open to bankers only.